Chrome electric lighter


With electric arc lighters, no more gas and gasoline runs out.
You can recharge it by plugging it into an electrical outlet, usb or car cigarette lighter.
Electric arcs bring a unique and modern aesthetic to your lighter, which will be the most beautiful effect in front of your friends and your colleagues.
Thanks to the anti-storm arc system, wind and rain no longer generate ignition.

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Innovative technology Electric arcs allowing to ignite everything (candles, cigarettes, paper, etc.)
Integrated battery Rechargeable by USB cable
Ecological and economical Without petrol or gas
Storm protection system No flame: wind and rain have no effect
Type of arches Double arches
220-250mAh battery
Battery life 150-250 cigarettes
Charging time 1h30-2 hours
Micro-USB output
USB connection
Included Lighter and cable in their box
French brand
Trusted and Quality Products

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