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The external battery that you’ve bio-life!

• Powerpack 5000mAh. Recharge up to 2 times a smartphone

• Multi-connector USB cable, Type-C in / out, Micro USB & Lightning

With its multi-connector charger cable, you can also recharge any device.

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Mr Bio included cable is biodegradable and recyclable through the DupontTyvek material and the biosphere additive. Also find this additive in the shell of the battery: thanks to it, the plastic used is biodegradable in 3 to 5 years once buried in the ground (vs. 450ans for a conventional plastic). The shell of the battery and the plastic portions of the cable are also composed to 20% of non-food wheat fibers.

• Reusable eco-friendly bag and FSC certified paper

Finally, the kit will be delivered in which the Powerpack is reusable and paper used is FSC certified (that is to say, it comes from a sustainably managed forest).

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